A Masterpiece For Every Home

Have you ever read the ingredient list on the back of a toothpaste tube and thought "what do these words even mean"? We took a trip to the Jordan lab in Oslo to see the ingredients up close, and have our toothpaste experts tell us more.

What does Scandinavian furniture have in common with a toothbrush? Quite a lot apparently. Just ask Andreas Engesvik, one of Norway’s most prominent designers.


Minimalistic. Clean. Scandinavian. These are just some of the words used to describe his work. The award-winning designer is renowned for his beautiful, yet unpretentious, creations. From sofas to cabinets, Engesvik’s flair for purpose-driven design has captivated the hearts of many.


Despite their seeming simplicity, Engesvik’s creations result from thousands of hours of research into form and function. There are no surplus parts, no excess materials, and no unwarranted, complex designs. Everything is exactly as it should be, coming seamlessly together to create stylish, practical masterpieces. 


With the Jordan Clean Smile toothbrush, Engesvik has applied the same design philosophy that has enthralled so many before. Made from just one material, its two-toned bristles and understated design spark joy in the way it looks and feels. Recognised with the Red Dot award for brilliant design, it is truly a masterpiece for your home and your teeth.