Oral Care Tips

A good oral hygiene routine gives clean teeth and increased well-being. At Jordan, we are specialized in oral care and dental health. We develop, produce and sell products of high quality that fit you and your needs. Below you will find tips and tricks on how to take care of your teeth, throughout life.

Thumb sucking is a common and natural behaviour for infants. The pressure and sucking motion can make children feel more secure, calm them, and help them fall asleep. Children normally turn to thumb sucking when bored, tired, or upset. If your child is five years old or younger, it is not necessary to force them to quit. Most children will eventually give up this habit in their own time.

Have you ever read the ingredient list on the back of a toothpaste tube and thought "what do these words even mean"? We took a trip to the Jordan lab in Oslo to see the ingredients up close, and have our toothpaste experts tell us more.