about jordan

about jordan


Jordan is a Scandinavian brand under the ORKLA conglomerate and is best known for its contemporary range of quality oral care products. Available in 14 countries with over 2 billion users, the brand is the market leader for toothbrushes, dental floss and dental sticks in Scandinavia and other parts of the world. Each product is made with carefully selected materials and purposeful design to suit different needs and preferences. From your first tooth to the last, you can count on Jordan to keep your teeth healthy for life.

A Letter From
Our General Manager

Jordan has been caring for people’s teeth since 1927. We are highly committed to bring quality oral care products to the Asia Pacific region. That’s why we aim to bring our range of award-winning products to help people of all walks of life maintain good oral health. From age 0 until adulthood we provide tailor made products that are designed for effectiveness, comfort, ease and efficiency. As a company, we also ensure that we upkeep our responsibilities to people, society and planet.

Kids Oral Care – Jordan is a market leader in many markets around the world in children’s oral care. Our product engineers have spent countless hours studying the daily oral care routines and challenges of both parents and children. The result is a carefully designed range of oral care products for kids that are tailor made for the needs at different ages. As an organization, our purpose goes further. We feel we have a responsibility not only to design and produce these high quality products, but also to educate both parents and children on the importance of good oral hygiene. That is why we engage with local dental organisations and dentists to co-create educational opportunities on- and offline to bring awareness to the importance of dental care. 

Adult Oral Care Requirements – Many of us dread a visit to the dentist, as most of us have had an unpleasant experience at some time and also because we know that the dentist will remind us of all the things we should be doing – and probably falling short on – Brush more often, floss after every meal, gargle with mouth rinse to kill bacteria. We also have our own wish list: we would like to have whiter teeth, straighter teeth, not suffer from sensitive teeth or re-ceding gums, etc. On top of this, our teeth are hard to hide. Smiling is one of the best things we do, and many of us are shy to do so. So also here Jordan has a purpose. Aside from designing products that cater for people with different needs, we also want to make taking care of your oral health easy and fun so people can have healthy teeth for life. Our ambition is to continue to provide a range of products that help and motivate you to take care of your teeth every day. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep. At home, in the office or on-the-go, Jordan wants to give you effective, easy, convenient and attractive solutions that you will love using so you can enjoy the things you love to do.

Sustainability – Not just a buzz word. It is a necessity. Our Scandinavian roots mean that we take this seriously and sustainability has been high on our agenda already for many years. At Jordan we believe in circular sustainability. Avoiding more waste and using what is already out there as much as possible. Recycled, recyclable and reuse. We have created a full range of Oral Care products that are based on this concept (the Green Clean Range), all made from recycled material or material that is recyclable. Also in our core range of products we are continuously addressing sustainability (e.g. we are using recycled plastics in many of our toothbrushes and natural ingredients in our toothpastes). To reinforce the importance of this we have set ourselves some ambitious targets. By 2025, for example, we want 100% of our packaging materials to be either recycled, or recyclable. But also here, our responsibility as an organization is beyond designing more sustainable products. We need to educate too. In many Asian markets sustainable products are still niche and there is still a prevalent stigma within the population that sustainable products are either inferior, unsafe, or expensive. We, as an organization, need to be active in converting people’s mindset on this by proving the efficacy and safety of our sustainable products, as well as providing our sustainable products to consumers at a price which is not more expensive than normal products. It will always take two to tango; both consumers as well as brand owners need to embrace sustainability to save our precious planet. We at Jordan want to make sure we do our part and make it easy for consumers to be part of our sustainable journey.

We still have a lot of work to do; and we are honored to do so. For you, and for our planet.

Sincerely Yours, Bjorn Kruizenga

General Manager – Asia Pacific for Jordan Asia Pacific