Daily Habits Make a Huge Difference

The word minimalism is often thrown around when talking about interior design or fashion and the word is often acquainted with ‘Scandinavian’. This is probably because the people of Scandinavia are popularly known to lead laid back and simplistic lives choosing to value peace of mind over materialism.Minimalism isn’t just an outward statement, it is a way of life and this is one of the things we could pick up from the Scandinavians.

Picture Credit: Geio Tischler

The statistics on environmental degradation are absolutely overwhelming. Our environment is rapidly buckling under the strain of pollution, wastage, overconsumption, threat to marine and wild life and a myriad of ecological problems. This dismal reality is also affecting human health, habitat and wellbeing.

You may ask: What does this have anything to do with me?

Consumers have come to play an increasingly critical role in environmental preservation. As a consumer, you can play a vital role in combating pollution, environmental degradation and unchecked consumerism. Here are some useful daily habits that you as a consumer can adopt and make a huge difference to ecological sustainability.

Conserve Energy

Lifestyle changes, such as using less energy both at homes and while commuting can go a long way to help the environment. You can scale back on your automobile usage by driving less and walking or bicycling more.

Plastic Food Packaging

In our time-starved world, we find it increasingly convenient to grab takeaways or make home deliveries, without realizing how much they are damaging our environment. Food items and drinks are usually wrapped in plastic containers or plastic bottles, which is one of the highest contributors to plastic pollution in the world. You can avoid taking plastic bags, plastic straws and cutleries on takeaways, or can simply cook healthy meals at home. One stone, two birds!

Electronic Junk

We as consumers have developed a habit of throwing everything in junk, including harmful materials such as computer parts, home appliances, batteries and printer cartridges. You can always deposit such kind of trash at recycling centers instead.

Reducing you Laundry Frequency

Another way to conserve our planet’s water resources is to cut down on our laundry and use less of machine wash. Let your clothes dry naturally on a clothesline instead of tumble drying, which uses a lot of energy.

Stop Supporting Fast Fashion

The production of just one piece of clothing can use a lot of resources and have a negative impact on the environment. Think of the total impact of the emergence of fast fashion and a subsequent throwaway culture! Avoid throwing away articles of clothing by donating them to charities.

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