Green Clean Kids

Just as our Green Clean Adult toothbrushes, Green Clean Kids has a handle made of 100% recycled and FDA-approved plastic originating from food containers, such as yoghurt cups. It also has bio-based bristles and packaging made from recycled paper fibres. Its small head and handle are perfect for our youngest consumers between 5 – 10 years, as when permanent teeth start coming out, it is good for kids to get used to more adult-like dental products.


100% Bio Based Bristles
Quality bristles made of 100% bio-based nylon, originating from castor oil plants – a renewable source.


100% Recycled Handle
Ergonomic handle made of 100%recycled and food safe plastic – giving it a second life


100% Recycled Cardboard
Paper pulp packaging made from recycled paper fibres from paper- based products.


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