pairing your oral care regime with the perfect toothbrush

Looking for the perfect match between your teeth and oral care products? Just like how important it is to find a the right match when it comes to things in life, it is equally important to choose the right toothbrush! Check out our toothbrush personalities and find your match today!

in case you were wondering...

6 tips to avoid acid damage on teeth

Beverages with a pH below 4-4,5 are considered acidic beverages, and can erode the teeth’s enamel, making the tooth exposed and more prone to damage or decay. Check the list of “bad guys” in beverages in regards to acid damage, and what to do to avoid it.

Bleeding gums? Here’s what to do

Whether you suffer from bleeding gums, swollen or in general sore gums, it is important to not wait too long with taking the appropriate action. Taking better care of your gums starts with a solid oral care routine, but what more can you do? We have gathered some information down below that can help you on your way to better gum health!